Northants and District Junior Grand Prix 2019/20

The Northants & District Junior Grand Prix series runs from September to June, with rounds being hosted at Lings Forum and Dallington in Northampton; Brackley, Daventry, Diana's Health and Fitness in Wellingborough, and Buckingham.

The GP series is open to any junior player in the region, regardless of age or ability, and is designed to encourage and promote grass roots squash, Crucially though, the principle aim for everyone taking part (parents and children) is to have fun.

How the events are run

Depending on the number of courts available at the hosting club, the grades play at different times through the day. At clubs with three, four, or five courts two grades run simultaneously; at Buckingham and Brackley they run in order from E to B/A, one at a time. Timings for each grade are emailed out during the week before each event.

Scoring and league standings

Players accrue league points based on their per-game score average plus one point per GP entered. So for instance, a player who wins four games, out of four played, will have an average score of 11 plus one attendance point, to give a total of 12. Should they do exactly the same again in the next round their total will be 13… at the end of the season the league winners receive prizes at the final meeting of the season in Daventry, which also runs as a standalone tournament with all players being present simultaneously.


Entry per round costs £5 per player. To enter, please fill in the details in the form below, including the grade you expect the player to be in. If you are entering a new competitor, or if you believe that the player is currently in the wrong one, please select the “Contact me” option so that the correct grade can be discussed – we aim to ensure that everyone is as well matched as possible.

Your contact details are not used for any purpose outside of Northants squash.


  • Saturday, 21st September: Diana’s Health Club, Wellingborough
  • Saturday, 19th October: Brackley Squash Club
  • Saturday, 16th November: Towers, Bedford
  • Saturday, 25th January: Daventry Squash Club
  • Saturday & Sunday, 29th February & 1st March, Junior County Closed
  • Saturday, 25th April: Buckingham Swan Pool
  • Saturday, 16th May: Lings Forum Leisure Centre
  • Saturday, 20th June: Daventry Squash Club – FINALS and FESTIVAL
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